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We can define palpation as feeling with our hands (...) [hands] have much more capacity for reception and response than any machine invented, so our hands are the ideal instruments to feel subtle movements and body changes.


Dianne Connelly


Touch therapy is a somatic therapy that integrates elements of Craniosacral therapy, the Somatic Experiencing method and the Body Mind Centering method.


It is based on the idea that each person has his or her own pattern of vibration that is in constant movement and transformation. The tensions generated by different situations that we face in our daily life generate blockages in the vibratory patterns of our body, diminishing our energy.


In touch therapy, through a subtle touch, we enter into resonance with the internal vibration of the person, facilitating its reorganization and recomposing its rhythm and natural flow. It generates a deep relaxation favoring the healing processes that are inherent to our body.


Touch therapy is something impressive! With subtle and precise movements it takes us to a state of relaxation capable of promoting or reestablishing the physical and emotional state.

I recommend it!

Érica Munaro

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