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Arts and Sciences in the Study of Experience

In Sanskrit, the word "matha" (मठ) refers to a temple of studies, institute or college. The root of the word, math, means to inhabit. 


Located in Arraial d'Ajuda, south of Bahia, between the Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlántica) and the sea, the A MATHA school seeks to promote the study of experience from an enactive and embodied approach, integrating different disciplines –such as phenomenology, cognitive science and somatic and artistic practices– for the development of technologies of contact, observation and presence that contribute to the transformation of our relationship with ourselves, with others and with our environment. 


For this, we organize our work in three main axes: body technologies, which includes regular classes, courses and workshops to deepen different body and artistic practices that promote body awareness and ​the cultivation of the presence; micro-phenomenology, which offers a​​ training and certification in a research method that provides tools to facilitate contact, observation and the description of concrete experiences and also for their analysis and systematization;  ​and laboratory, which contemplates carrying out research and experimentation projects and activities on the study of experience from an enactive and embodied approach. 


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Rua do Portinho, 550 - Estrada da Balsa  

Arraial d'Ajuda - Cep: 45816-000 - Bahia - Brasil 

        +55 (21) 98358-4589

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