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Vibration is the basic phenomenon of being that underlies all the patterns [of movement]. It is movement that condenses and expands rhythmically at the most basic level. It precedes life and sup- ports all life forms. It is the substance of space.

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Contemporary dance workshop


led by 

Camila Valenzuela

and Robson Vieira

This workshop aims to generate a space of encounter and contact with the vibratory power of our body and explore, through movement, its different manifestations and possibilities.


The classes are structured around three moments:


  • the preparation, where there will be a body warm-up and phrasing to wake up and relax the body;

  • exploration, the central part of each session, where, based on elements of Butoh somatic practices and psychophysical training, a sensorimotor exploration and improvisation work will be proposed;

  • the exchange, where we will share the main observations or insights of the session.


The workshop lasts for three months and is aimed at anyone who wants to explore their body, movement and space.

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