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The body is not only an essential dimension of our humanity; it is also the basic medium through which we live and the fundamental instrument for all performance, our tool of tools, a necessity for all our perception, action, and even thought. 

Richard Shusterman

Body Technologies

The word "technology" has a broader meaning than we are used to associating with it. Considering the origin of the word – from the Greek téchnē, which means "art, technique or skill" and from the Indo-European teks, which means “to build”–, technology can be understood as the set of knowledge, tools and practices that allow us to develop or build something that modifies our relationship with the environment. 

Thus, techniques of concentration, breathing and visualization, together with the practice of certain postures and movements that promote body awareness and ​the cultivation of presence, can be understood as technologies, in these cases as body technologies. 

We believe that the practice and knowledge of these body technologies can enhance our capacity for self-regulation, concentration and presence, thus allowing us to cultivate a more harmonious and empathetic relationship with ourselves and with our environment.

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